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  • Thank you Primal Mind and Body for giving me a new lease on life. I was down in the dumps with my weight and I felt terrible. My life was at a stand still until I took Stacey's Health and Wellness classes. I loved the combination of Holistic Therapy and Hypnosis along with a Healthy Eating Program. I have lost weight and feel fantastic. I have a new lease on life and and I am looking forward to the future. I could not have done it alone. Thank you for my new direction. Bev xx
  • My son was getting very anxious before his footy games and with less than 2 weeks to go until running at Regional Athletics and playing his footy Grand Final, we thought we needed to source some help. Primal Mind and Body was definitely that! With Staceys calming instructions and guidelines, my son breezed through both events with fantastic results on both days. He got to enjoy the days other than letting his anxiety take over. Can't thank you enough Stacey. GRATEFUL XX  
  • My experience I’m a 59 year old male and knew I needed to change my life style. After researching the many different options & therapies to a healthier life I decided to go down the Holistic path and made an appointment with Stacey at Primal Mind and Body not having a clue how it would work. Now after 4 x 1.5hr sessions I believe I did myself a favour. Hypnotherapy works really well for me enforcing the will power to achieve what I wanted. Apart from the power of the mind it is about what I was putting into my body, often thinking I was doing the right thing but so far from it. Stacey has changed my diet, given me exercise options as well as introducing me to meditation from which I have taken what works for me. I’m now eating a totally different range of foods in smaller portions; regularly do stretches & exercise, as well as controlled breathing & relaxation. I have lost weight and already almost at where I want to be. I move much freer have more energy and sleep better. Stacey has given me the knowledge or tools to change what I was doing and I have modified these to suit me and with the reinforcement of hypnotherapy I’m a much healthier person. Thank you Stacey Greg
  • This program is excellent. I have lost some weight over the month. Not too much but this program will help me to keep going and not give up because it is easy. It is a life long program. I know I am allowed any foods I like, (in smaller portions though), which is kind of cool because most diets restrict foods. Don’t eat this, don’t eat that, which I am sure makes you want it all the more. This program is perfect for me. I love the relaxation therapy and the hypnosis. I am a much healthier, happier and thinner person thanks to Stacey and The VGB Program. Stacey has a very caring and understanding way about her and covers the lot in her program. I understand health and well being a lot better now. Crystal Newcastle
  • Depressed, unhappy, and unhealthy. That was my life before VGB. Stacey taught me how to be mindful about food. I changed my eating habits and followed her program to a tee. I was amazed how hypnosis worked. I listened to the script visualisations every day and focused on the main thing. RELAXATION……Not the food…….Being so relaxed and listening to my visualisations made my overall persona calm and relaxed as well. This gave me more control over my life. I felt that I was actually in charge for once. Truly amazing program. I would recommend it to any one. Trudy Green
  • I was over weight for most of my life. I knew I had to do something before it was too late. I needed to do something that I hadn’t tried before. I contacted Primal Mind and Body and talked to Stacey about The Virtual Gastric Band Program. It was my last chance to loose weight before I had the real thing done. I gave it a go. I couldn’t believe how the program changed my outlook on food and health. My meals have dropped in size and I am never hungry. I am loosing weight, about 1/2 - 1kg per week and feel amazing. I look forward to the future when I am at my goal weight. Natalie W. xx
  • Our lives are changing daily, and with the environment, emotional, physical and social stress placed on us today is making our society angry, sad, depressed, unhappy and fearful just to mention a few. I decided I could go down this road or get help before I started to fall. I believe I was happy but my time with Stacey has taught me that I can be happier, more confident, less stressed, more relaxed, able to say no and have 'me time’, because I am important, I matter! Just by walking into Stacey's little place of peace, she immediately helps you relax and feel important and worthwhile. She makes you realise there are steps you can take to over come any insecurities, fears or anxieties you may have. Listening to Stacey’s recorded visualisations is so relaxing and empowering. Her voice is soft and soothing. Stacey helps you to see its up to us to decide how you want to feel each day and how to go about achieving that. I highly recommend Stacey to anyone looking for a better and happier life. That's probably most of us to be honest. Thanks Stacey for caring and for taking this journey in your life, to help us all. ME xx
  • I was stressed, anxious, depressed and immensely unhappy with life. You showed me how to live again, for that I will never forget. You gave me the skills to cope with any situation and help me  overcome my insecurities. I hope I will some day be able to help people like you. I admire your strength and your softness, something that is very special in a person. Amy T. XX
  • Thank you, I feel amazing, I can’t begin to let you know what you have done for me. Your kindness and gentle approach has helped me immensely. You, as a holistic therapist is greatly appreciated and certainly put me on the right path. There is a future and purpose in my life again. I feel alive and will strive to complete my life’s journey. Kaz
  • I needed to loose weight….big time, my health and social life was declining, I needed help. I called Stacey for the Virtual Gastric Band Program. It was amazing. Not only did I get help in loosing weight, but I was also on the right track to healthy living. With hypnotherapy, I changed my eating habits and I learnt how to relax, which helped me in other areas. With your knowledge and gentle caring approach I soon found myself feeling great, having a new profound interest in life and kilos lighter. The gastric band program was amazing, I really felt I actually was in hospital and had the operation. The support CD’s where inspiring and really changed my mind set. Thanks Stacey for changing my life for ever. Sandy
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